Nadine is very safe and reliable with horses and able to develop and pursue a training programme independently.... Nadine is very thorough and hard-working. We really enjoyed very much having her in our team and appreciated her skill and expertise.

Hans Peter Hoesli
Arte Lusitana
Poppi, Italy

Nadine was a very willing and energetic member of staff who was diligent and thorough in her work. She is a competent and confident horse-woman and has a wonderful friendly manner with both customers and staff.

Cheryl Jensen
bush'n'bike adventures

She exercises and trains some of the horses for Therapy Riding lessons and for Secondary School lessons in the outdoor and in the indoor arena. She attended the Leader and Side-walker Training for Therapy Rides as well as assisted in facilitating one for new volunteers. She also trains the horses for Therapy Rides particularly in groundwork such as helping them to get familiar with walking and staying in the ramp, where students mount or developing a relaxed and reliable attitude in working with therapeutic aids. Furthermore Nadine does massage and stretching and bending exercises with the horses, grooms them and helps with general duties like maintaining the tack-room equipment. She works well independently without supervision as well as in a team and has a calm and thorough manner.

Cate Warner
Ambury Park Centre for Riding Therapy Inc.
Mangere Bridge

Nadine Roth has spent some time with my horse doing groundwork and teaching it to load on to a horse float calmly. This is a horse who had a traumatic experience in its first outing in a float and has been terrified of floating ever since. I have been very impressed by Nadine’s calm, patient and consistent approach, it is lovely to see how much the horse trusts her. I have also observed her giving a groundwork lesson to a group of children. She gave a very thorough summary of her groundwork philosophy and then helped each individual to achieve the practical exercise she taught, spending time with each child and their pony, being encouraging and positive. She has also worked with myself and various neighbours teaching us her methods of ‘natural horsemanship’ horse handling. This has been very helpful, learning how to deal with particular problems in our relationships with our horses!

Caroline Grove

Her passion for animals is evident in the way she works calmly and with respect of their individual needs. She is a capable horsewoman with a promising future working with horses especially in natural methods of training.

Anna Gentry
Koru Creek

Her expertise in animal behaviour and her professionalism has been invaluable. Nadine’s approach is unique and highly successful and she is a competent, confident, safe and highly skilled specialist in her field. For some time, I had been searching to find someone of her calibre to help me with some behavioural problems that had developed with my horse. This proved fairly difficult and it became obvious that there was a shortage of natural horsemanship instructors in the Auckland area. I am very pleased with the results Nadine has achieved so far. I have no hesitation in referring Nadine to work with any horse in any situation and wish her luck for the future.

Maria Gabriel

...I had heard about her natural horsemanship ability beforehand as she had been very successful in working with a couple of young horses in the area and the word had spread. I soon asked Nadine if she would train my thoroughbred who hadn’t done any work for about a year and was typically hot blooded and feisty. It took her about 15 minutes to gain his respect and trust and for him to acknowledge her authority – it was like watching someone perform magic. I felt immediate warmth for Nadine as she read my horse’s personality and she understood him instinctively. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Nadine in any capacity. She is an intelligent, sensitive woman with a lovely personality who is focused and motivated.

Sue Curtling

I was extremely pleased with her gentle and professional way with the horses, and appreciated her lessons with the Natural Horsemanship 'games.' ...We highly recommend her.

Yana and Barry Eaton

The knowledge Nadine teaches in theory and demonstrates is always valid and understandable, and in my case has produced very positive results. Each session has been extremely useful, we are positively encouraged and at times challenged in a supported and safe manner to learn new concepts and put these to practical use. I have found Nadine to be thoughtful and understanding taking time to think about and plan for our needs in advance.

Maria Shore
West Harbour

Nadine brings a rare and desired area of knowledge to New Zealand's equestrian world, and shares that knowledge with children and adults in a way that is accessible and delightful.

Lila O'Farrell
Herne Bay

Luckily we had read an article about Nadine Roth in the local paper and contacted her to see if she would be able to help us. Her success with Hunter has been amazing. When Hunter first arrived he preferred to have as little contact with humans as possible and was very defensive in his actions. After working with Nadine he has found a new confidence in us and himself.

Karen and Brian Fifield