Trainer / Instructor: Nadine Roth

Hello, my name is Nadine Roth.

I count myself as extremely fortunate that I have had the pleasure to groom, play, ride and generally spend my time with horses for big parts of my life. I encountered these beautiful animals when I was around 13 years old. I groomed them and rode mainly Open-Terrain and practiced Classical Dressage for 9 years in Germany. I watched a presentation by Monty Roberts where he introduced the idea of Equus, talked about body language and herd dynamics and demonstrated ‘Join Up’ with different horses. I also did a Practical Volunteer Experience at the Monty Roberts Learning Centre in Hamburg, run by Andrea Kutsch.

I spent a year in Italy and worked on a farm with the horses there. I did a lot of groundwork, as well as deepening my knowledge and experience in Classical Dressage and kept riding Open-Terrain. I learned about Robichon de la Guérinière and Philippe Karl.

Resident at the farm was an equine osteopath and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to learn about anatomy and movement, acupressure points, gymnastic (bending and stretching) exercises for the horse, schooling of the rider's independent seat and some massage techniques. I discovered the work of Linda Tellington Jones and engaged with the methods and approach of GaWaNi Ponyboy, who rediscovered and revived traditional Native American cultural values in relation to the horse and our way of observing it closely and attuning with it.

At the end of 2005 I travelled to New Zealand, following a heart's desire and completely fell in love with this country during a two year stay. I initially worked on farms and then came to expand my work with horses again. I participated in a range of institutions such as Ambury Park Centre for Riding Therapy, guided at a horse trekking business in Kawakawa and worked at the Koru Creek Farm in Ngunguru, where they hold camps for children and teach Natural Horsemanship, working closely with Pat Parelli principles. I am greatly inspired by the methods and approach of Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling who teaches the art of body language and how to work towards perfection in communicating with horses. I have had the inexpressible pleasure of giving Natural Horsemanship introduction sessions, various workshops, as well as progressive training and instruction of horses and riders throughout New Zealand.

After this most appreciated time in New Zealand I returned to Germany for half a year. I attended a course by Bea Borelle, and continued periodic training and instruction of horses and riders.

I came back to New Zealand in 2008 and I continue to enjoy educating people and training horses here. I have written numerous articles for different magazines like the former Natural Equine, now NZ Equine, Lifestyle Block and such. Look out for future articles. It's been a pleasure to meet people at public events such as the Horse Expo at Helensville and through demonstrations of Natural Horsemanship at Pony Clubs.

Also it has been a privilege to attend several Steve Brady Clinics and I am very much looking forward to future ones.

The study of several inspiring advocates of Natural Horsemanship and incorporating aspects of their work into my own approach enables me to respond to the nature and needs of each individual horse with a variety of means and methods.

As my work with horses progresses I remain confident in a calm, gentle and natural approach that is borne out in the positive results I observe in the horses I work with.

As much as I owe to the kind teaching of mentors, colleagues and friends over the years, as well as such inspirational figures as mentioned above, my greatest teachers are actually the horses themselves.

I endeavor to cultivate an open mind and open heart in my dealings with all I encounter.